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Nitrous Oxide

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With orthodontic services for patients of all ages, Sweet Tooth Orthodontics and Children's Dentistry in Rancho Cucamonga, CA is more than a pediatric dental clinic. Yet our passion for pediatric dentistry is evident from the playhouse in the reception area, to colorful decor throughout the office, and kid-friendly distractions in treatment rooms. We believe that dentistry for children contributes to healthier adults with attractive smiles.

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Relax! There is a nitrous oxide dentist in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Early experiences, in large part, determine your child’s attitude toward dental care throughout life. Your dentist at Sweet Tooth Children’s Dentistry in Rancho Cucamonga, CA may recommend nitrous oxide. This simple precaution can reduce apprehensions and create positive, painless experiences that help your child look forward to dental visits.

What is nitrous oxide dental sedation?

N2O is a colorless gas. While it has many other uses, it has played an important role in medicine since the mid-1800s. In dentistry, mixing N2O with oxygen (O2) creates a light combination effect, both sedative and pain-reducing.

“Laughing gas” can be a good choice to help the patient relax physically and emotionally for procedures that take a little longer, such as a baby root canal or large filling. It helps to take the ouch out of extractions or soft tissue procedures. Nitrous oxide can even be used for a child who is very nervous about a routine cleaning and examination, helping to avoid dental phobia in adulthood.

What parents need to know about gas for children’s dentistry

  • Nitrous oxide has no smell.
  • It is inhaled through a mask over the child’s nose.
  • The patient is not unconscious – just more relaxed and unconcerned about dental treatment.
  • The child breathes normally and we expect them to communicate and move around if necessary.
  • Some numbing may still be required, depending on the treatment. However, N2O administered first virtually eliminates the sensation of needles.
  • It takes effect after about only 5 minutes of breathing the gas.
  • The influence of the gas wears off right away when flow of N2O is stopped (plus, we will finish with a few minutes of oxygen).
  • Your child’s wellbeing is carefully monitored throughout treatment.
  • Our practice offers additional options in sleep dentistry. We can arrange for general anesthesia to be administered on site by an anesthesiologist if nitrous oxide is not suitable for your child.

Are you looking for a children’s dentist in Rancho Cucamonga, CA who offers nitrous oxide? There is no need to search the internet for a laughing gas dentist in the Montclair, Ontario, or Fontana area. The team you know and trust at Sweet Tooth Children’s Dentistry is at your service. Call 909-675-0550 to schedule your child’s low stress appointment.

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Sweet Tooth Children’s Dentistry is a leading children’s dental practice serving patients from Rancho Cucamonga, CA and surrounding communities. Dr. Julia Brown, who owns the practice is the lead dentist and focuses on providing the best dental experience in a fun environment. Dr. Rachele Mariano specializes in pediatric dentistry, while Dr. Chuck Carlson, the latest to join the practice, is an orthodontist. They are all experienced and highly skilled and want to ensure the lifelong oral health of their patients.

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