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Most parents want nothing more than to give their children the best start they can in life. Dr. Julia Brown and Dr. Rachelle Mariano understand how important your child’s early dental experiences are in shaping their attitudes and habits when it comes to oral health. For this reason, at Sweet Tooth Orthodontics and Children’s Dentistry in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, we make dental visits both fun and educational for kids while providing gentle, yet thorough dental care for healthy smiles.

Your child’s first dental visit

Many parents are uncertain about when they should bring their child in for their first dental appointment – after all, baby teeth eventually fall out! But it is a common misconception those baby teeth are not important. They serve many important roles in your child’s development, including:

  • Learning how to speak properly
  • Chewing their food well
  • Leaving space for their adult to grow into the correct position
  • Feeling confident about their smile

We recommend that parents bring their children in for their first dental visit after they get their first tooth, no later than their first birthday. This first visit is primarily intended for us to get to know you, answer any questions you have about your child’s oral health and development, and let your child explore what it is like to sit in the dental chair. We often recommend that your child sits in your lap to make them comfortable and feel at home.

Regular visits lay the foundation for a lifetime of great habits

As your child gets older and more teeth start coming in, regular visits at least twice per year will help us check in on their overall oral health and perform routine cleanings to help prevent cavities and decay. We will also monitor how their teeth and jaw are developing so that orthodontics or other treatments can be performed at the optimal age for the best results.

We also provide age-appropriate preventive treatment such as sealants and fluoride applications to help further protect their young teeth, which are particularly susceptible to cavities due to the thinner enamel on baby teeth. Sealants are a thin layer of clear or tooth-colored plastic that are painted onto the chewing surfaces of your child’s premolars and molars, which have deep grooves and crevices that can be difficult to fully clean with brushing and flossing. Sealants “seal out” debris, plaque, and acids from these hard-to-reach areas so they are less likely to develop cavities.

At each developmental stage, the proper home care for their teeth and gums changes depending on how many teeth they have and their ability to take care of their own teeth, so we will also talk with you and your child about the best home care routine for their specific needs and age.

Dr. Brown, Dr. Mariano and our entire team of pediatric dental professionals are committed to making your child’s dental experience positive and fun, and we use a gentle touch and other measures to ensure they are comfortable throughout their treatment. If you are searching for a “pediatric dentist near me,” we encourage you to call our Rancho Cucamonga office at 909-675-0550to experience the difference in care at Sweet Tooth Orthodontics and Children’s Dentistry!

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