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COVID Question & Answers

Is your office open again?

Yes!  We are excited to be open and to see you again!

What type of appointments can be made at this time?

All types of appointments can be made including orthodontic appointments, regular checkups with preventative cleanings and restorative appointments to fix cavities.

Is it safe to visit the dentist?

We have taken several precautions in addition to our normal infection control procedures in order to stop the spread of the virus.

What should I expect to be different when I visit you now?

Everyone entering the office should bring a mask with them.  Someone will meet with you before you enter the waiting area in order to take your temperature and fill out a questionnaire clearing you from symptoms of COVID.  We are requesting that parents not enter the waiting area unless necessary.  If possible, parents and siblings who do not have an appointment should wait outside in order to maintain social distancing.
If it is necessary to be in the waiting area, you will not see any toys to play with or magazines to touch as we want to keep all touching surfaces to a minimum. Doors will be propped open or opened for you to minimize the surfaces that are touched with your hands.
Patients with appointments will be escorted to the sink to wash hands and to use special mouthwash that kills viruses before sitting in their chairs.  
Patients will be seated in chairs not closer than 6 feet apart unless the person in the chair next to them is their sibling.  At that time, patients will be expected to remove their mask.
Staff will be wearing N95 masks under the usual surgical masks that we normally wear.  At no time during your appointment will staff remove either of their 2 facemasks.  In addition to that, clear plastic face sheilds will be worn throughout the appointment in order to protect staff.
We are also minimizing aerosol production by use of special suctioning devices and four handed dentistry.
Any items that are touched including pens, countertops, doorhandles or anything else, will immediately be sanitized with hospital grade germicidal wipes that we have always used and are effective against coronavirus.

My child has braces and is about due for their regular adjustment appointment. When can I schedule that?

We are prioritizing appointments for patients who are the most overdue for their adjustment, or in other words, who have been waiting the longest for their adjustment.  Because the coronavirus had us shut down for about 2 months, it will likely result in all ortho patients skipping one orthodontic adjustment appointment now and adding one more adjustment appointment at the end of the expected treatment time. This will allow your appointments to run smoothly.

We thank you for understanding and being flexible during this difficult time.  We are doing the very best we can to maintain order and to keep you healthy.

Thank you for your patience and trust. 
Julia Brown, DDS

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